We are Geek Grind Coffee

I have been a huge gamer and fan of all things geeky since I cracked open my first Dungeons & Dragons Players Manual in the basement of my parents house during the cold dark winter of 1981. My brother and I were hooked. Since then I have been chasing comics, board games, role-play games, novels, artwork and so many other amazing geeky things that fulfill our lives.

My amazing wife is Colombian and that side of our family has been in the coffee business in the mountains of Colombia for more than 50 years. We spend as much time there as we can.

Together with our partners, we have created Geek Grind Coffee. Please know that the passion, skill and experience to make the very best coffee for you exists here at Geek Grind. Though Geek Grind you have access to our farms and world. We do not source our coffee and then find someone to blend roast it. We harvest from our farms and friends farms, and blend and roast by hand just for you.

If you want to join us in Colombia for a trip sometime just let us know! It is beautiful. Please consider trying our coffee and I know you will find it beyond your imagination.

Thank you - The Geek Grind Team and Cruz Family

Email us anytime at info@GeekGrindCoffee.com

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