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Forbidden Cavern

Forbidden Cavern

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This medium-dark roast super-premium coffee is handpicked at the farm in the Cali, Colombian mountains. It reveals delicious medium dark roast flavor that is right any time of day or night!

Jack’s Journal

7:30AM, Camp Bear Track, Friday, June 22nd, 1984 – It was a really long night! We could not find Jason or Rachel who went for a walk last night! We found his jacket though around 5:30AM down by the caverns and it looks like blood was on it! What the heck is going on! We are freaking out! Jesse the old caretaker showed up after being gone all night. I told him the boy Jason and girl Rachel were missing! Jesse just said he does not like to be near the lake at night and told us it was forbidden to go into the caverns. No idea what we are going to do.

11AM, Camp Bear Track, Friday, June 22nd, 1984 – Rachel who was missing just walked out of the woods! She is covered in bug bites, her clothes are torn up and she will not talk to us! She only says that something or someone chased them from the lake last night and she fell and got separated from Jason in the woods. She heard Jason scream behind her and she ran into the big cavern where we found Jason’s bloody jacket.

3:30PM, Camp Bear Track, Friday, June 22nd, 1984 – After a lot of arguing we decided that we have to make a search inside the caverns to try to find Jason. One of girls and two of the boys will stay at camp with Rachel and treat her wounds and try to comfort her. The rest of us loaded up on some supplies and lanterns and headed down to the entrance of the caverns. About to go in and see if we can find any sign of Jason.

6:00PM, Camp Bear Track, Friday, June 22nd, 1984 – Entered the caverns…. something is in the caverns with us!… got turned around and not sure the way out…can’t find the others… lots of screaming… scared.. dark… lost!   

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